Yakima Valley memorial Hospital The team At Pacific Crest

Memorial Hospital is more than just a hospital. It is a Family of Services-a comprehensive collection of organizations. We take great care to ensure that each service fits well within our family and is provided by people who have common values, vision and mission.

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To improve the health of those we serve.


Family of Services Map

To create the healthcare experience of choice . . . every time.


Respect: Recognizing our differences as strengths, affirming each other, and valuing each other's contributions.

Compassion: Listening, anticipating, being attentive and perspective shifting so others feel cared for and understood.

Accountability: Taking responsibility for our actions, being trustworthy and demonstrating integrity.

Safety: Taking responsibility for myself and others to practice tools to ensure safety for all.

Teamwork: Healthcare is best delivered by a team working together, sharing unique talents, perspectives, ideas and efforts to achieve our Vision. Excellence: Implementing best practice; being creative, innovative, and flexible; and setting and achieving bold goals.